Private Violence Feature Film

Every day in the US, at least 4 women are murdered by abusive partners or, most often, ex-partners. The reflexive response to victims is: "why don't you just leave?" Private Violence follows the story of two survivors, Deanna Walters, as she seeks justice for the violence committed against her by her ex-husband, and Kit Gruelle, an advocate through whom we meet other survivors from a cross-section of society, who have left their abusers only to face systems that fail, judge, marginalize and blame them for the violence to which they have been subjected.

Production Team

Director/Producer: Cynthia Hill
Executive Producers: Gloria Steinem, Cindy Waitt, Artemis Rising Foundation (Regina K. Scully), & Chicken & Egg Pictures (Julia Parker Benello, Wendy Ettinger, Judith Helfand)
Cinematographer: Rex Miller
Editor: Tom Vickers
Composer: Chuck Johnson
Special Advisor: Kit Gruelle
Associate Producers: Malinda Maynor Lowery, Jennifer Cromling, Un Kyong Ho, Dawn Dreyer

A presentation of HBO Documentary Films.
A project of the Southern Documentary Fund.

A New Kind of Strength: The Men’s Movement to End Domestic Violence

Fathers and their sons, coaches and players, police officers and civic leaders – A New Kind of Strength highlights men who have decided that violence against women is not just a women’s issue, and have taken action in their communities to advocate for real change. These men – including Vice President Joe Biden and Joe Torre – are invested in stopping violence against women before it starts. By challenging accepted notions of masculinity, these men are presenting new images of a different kind of strength, especially for boys who are just forming their identity as men, and who are beginning to define their relationships with women. Funded by the Waitt Institute for Violence prevention, this 10-minute short film is available for use free of charge for a limited time.


Cindy Waitt, Producer
Kit Gruelle, Consultant

Trainer's Edition

The Trainer's Edition is a 21-minute educational film for domestic violence prevention educators. Divided into chapters, this short documentary offers a portrait of some of the many different issues related to domestic violence, and the attitudes that help to perpetuate this epidemic. The issues covered include: the psychology of power & control, the beginning of the Battered Women’s Movement, Popular Culture representations of domestic violence through the decades, historic attitudes toward battering in America, the successes and failures of our criminal justice system, and the impact on children, families and communities.


Rebecca Cerese, Producer
Kit Gruelle, Consultant